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Welcome to Avalea Clumbers

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'Colin Ian & Thor'
Watercolor by Leigh Ehrenkrantz - Used with permission

We have a small Show/Hobby breeding program and are committed to breeding beautiful, healthy clumber puppies with wonderful temperaments that are full of personality. My personal commitment is that you are as happy with your puppy as well as the adult dog your puppy will grow up to become and that the puppy I place with you is in a happy, healthy, loving environment. Our Dedication to the Clumber Spaniel lends us to only breeding from excellent examples of the breed with good health and above all else, they must possess excellent temperaments. All of our puppies are health screened, fully Vaccinated and micro chipped before leaving for their new homes. All puppies are placed with contracts. Puppies that are not being shown and are being strictly placed as companionship dogs only are done so with AKC limited registration and spay/neuter contracts. We are very careful and selective when placing our clumber puppies and only place puppies in private homes or with other known show hobby enthusiasts upon our approval. 

All puppies at Avalea Clumbers are planned for the purpose of maintaining and preserving our particular Clumber Bloodlines and for Dog Show Exhibit. Occasionally a breeding may produce a puppy that does not fulfill what we are looking for to carry on our Bloodlines. We do not ship our puppies. In order for you to obtain a puppy from us, we request that you (the potential puppy buyer) meet with us & the puppy in person at the time of purchase. We do NOT sell any puppy to 3rd parties. All of our puppies are sold on contract.

All of our puppies are registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club). We are proud members of the CSCA, Clumber Spaniel Club of America and abide by their code of ethics. We are also members of the Clumber Club of Sweden.

CSCA MemberBreeder of Merit


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